Company Formation

Company formation in Italy - There are many issues involved in the process of an Italy company formation. S.I.T. can help with all these issues and in order to help you better understand what is involved we have listed below the major topics involved. If you want more detailed information on each topic then simply click through the following page.


We have tried to supply you with all the information you may need on forming an Italy Company but if there are any other questions then please feel free to contact us using the details at the bottom of the page or via our online form by clicking here

Company Types

Choosing the right structure for your activity in Italy is one of the most important decisions to make during the initial set up phase. There are a number of options available and below we have chosen the three most prevalent ones. The main points for each activity are covered below but if you want more information than please contact us. 

Please note that all the information that appears on these pages refer to a generic case. Each activity will have certain guidelines and rules that are not covered here. These pages attempt to let you decide in advance what is the best structure for your activity after which feel free to contact us here.

Setting up in Italy

Once you have chosen the structure that you wish to have for your activity the next stage is to actually go through all the legal and bureaucratic issues so that you can then start trading. Here we will deal with the important issues for setting up as a sole trader and as an srl.


While S.I.T. is now one of the leading firms in Rome offering company set-up services, its core business has always been dealing with the accounts of individuals and companies alike. Corporate and personal tax rates in Italy are among the highest in Western Europe, and coupled with significant pension contributions and high personnel costs it is highly important to ensure that income is maximised. 

Italian Representative Office

An Italian Representative office is used for promotional and research activities by foreign companies. The office can also be used to issue a payroll for employees who work on these activities. A company cannot use the representative office to generate income in Italy.